So a couple days ago I was in gym class with my main bitches, Jazmine, KiKi, Destini, and Felicia and this new girl was staring so fuckin’ hard, she was like breaking her neck, so Dest goes up to her and asks what;s her problem and she walks to her friends, but she walks right through us (At this point we’re all like, “This bitch is really looking to get drop kicked”) but we let it go because we’re classy as fuck. Fast forward we’re playing basketball and this bitch is staring and it seemed like she partaking in some good ol’ fashioned shit talking, so Kiki confronts her and asks her what;s the problem, clearly we must have done something because we don’t know you yet you’re picking an attitude. So as soon as the girls friends get wind that Kiki is confronting them, they ALL surround Kiki (at this point the rest of us were still playing basketball BTW) , but when we see all those hoes around Kiki, we start hitting it, we roll up to this gaggle of ratchet bitches and to me it seems like there’s gonna be a royal rumble, however as things were heating up the gym teacher (who has a giant herp on his lip, we’re about to get him some complementary Abreva) breaks it up, but had he not noticed shit would’ve escalated, because my city is kinda ghetto and when people have problems a fight always happens #ratchetprobsĀ 

Anonymous said: So I just got back to school recently after not seeing my friend for about two months over the summer. Naturally, we started talking about 1D and shipping and all that and I was silently thanking the lord that she hadn't become a Calderic over the summer because if she had, I couldn't be her friend (that sounds bad but ew who wants a Calderic for a friend?) . But towards the end of the day she said she loved Eleanor. She literally said she loves her. Excuse me while I gag and jump off a cliff.


Proud to say NONE of my friends think Eleanor and Louis are dating, then again my friends HAVE full functioning brains and they process thought so.

Louis and Harry are gay.

onedirectionlouislova said: ps i fucking love your blog. like its perfection. yo my bottom bitch nigs;) we larry directioners gota stick together. we will rule the world one day

We’reĀ already ruling this bitch, and I rule with an an iron fist. Behead all Elounor shippers please.

onedirectionlouislova said: yo.. so member that post where there was a "quote" of harry saying the lary fans are idiots? well where did that even come from? like who said that he sed that? n der its false he would never talk like that to his fans.. specially his larry fans, he appreciates them most

IKR, and he loves us, Larry shippers are the Head Bitches In Charge of the entire Directioner fandom.

How Harry and Louis greet each other at home.

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I find it funny how strangers who don’t even know 1D think Eleanor and Louis look unhappy together, and Louis and Harry are deeply in love.

My grandma knows what's up mk

  • Me : Can I show you two pictures and you tell me what the relationship between the two people is? Like friends, siblings etc.
  • Grandma : Ok, love.
  • Me : *Shows pic of Eleanor and Louis*
  • Grandma : Hmm, I'd say they're cousins. They look really alike but they don't look very happy either.
  • Me : Ok, *shows pic of Louis and Harry*
  • Grandma : Oh boyfriends, definitely! They look like Steve and Joe when they were young. (Steve and Joe are my gay uncles, recently engaged!).
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This isn’t because I hate Eleanor, but her head is too big for her body. Disproportional heads aren’t very cute. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Dear Mari, I hate you, you give me feels and it makes me want to commit

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Dear Mari, I hate you, you give me feels and it makes me want to commit

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Dear Mari, I hate you, you give me feels and it makes me want to commit